Is Edge Dev Supported by AAD Conditional Access


I installed MS Edge Dev on my laptop, and tried to access Office 365 apps, althrough I installed the Windows 10 Account extension, I still can't access O365 apps.


Error messages:

Timestamp: 2019-04-17T06:05:49.957Z
App name: Office 365 SharePoint Online
App id: 0000000x-0000-0xxx-xx00-000000000000
IP address:
Device identifier: Not available
Device platform: Windows 10
Device state: Unregistered
Advanced diagnostics: Enable
My environment:
Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise x64
Browser: Microsoft Edge Dev, Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)
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If you haven't already, you may want to update or uninstall and reinstall the browser as there have been many updates since this was posted.



Thank you Gabriel, but I prefer to be after others. :> If others test it, I'll try again.

@chenrylee - Please try using the Edge Beta with AAD profile for Conditional Access.