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I might be blind, but I can't find any changelog updates to iOS Testflight builds. Or are they part of the normal (desktop) weekly DEV changelog?


I saw this morning that my build was updated. The icon for Edge says "Beta", but with I look in Testflight, you write that it is DEV.



  • I guess I'm on DEV, even if the icon says "Beta"?
  • Where can I find information about what is new in a build?
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@ahl2ndc "Where can I find information about what is new in a build?"


You probably won't be able to find that information.  We are in our 8th month of testing Edge-Linux now, and, despite requests, Microsoft has never published Linux-specific changelogs.  As I recall, that was also true of Edge-Android development.  The tiger might change its stripes for iOS, but I wouldn't hold my breath, if I were you, unless you like being blue in the face.


What I've done with respect to Edge-Linux Dev is to note the items mentioned in the weekly  "Dev channel update to nn.n.nnn.n is live" posts on this forum, and then work my way down the list (testing as I go) to see what, if anything, from that list is applicable to the version of Edge-Linux Dev.   Not ideal, but it is something, anyway.