Introducing Performance Mode in Microsoft Edge | New feature




Updates (Version 91.0.864.1 (Official build) canary (64-bit)):


This mode helps optimize your browser’s performance by saving battery and minimizing resource usage (memory, CPU). Performance improvements might vary depending on your device specifications and individual browser habits.
  • Puts background tabs to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity (if sleeping tabs is on). Timer will go back to its previous selection when you're not in performance mode.
  • While we do our best to minimize impact to your experience, performance mode may cause:
    • Videos to be less smooth
    • Animations to slow down when you're not interacting with the browser


Want to turn it on? make sure you are at least on

Edge canary Version 91.0.856.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


currently a controlled feature rollout, but you can turn it on using this code at your own risk:



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I don't get it. Weren't timers already stopped for sleeping tabs? EDIT: the OP has changed.


@teresaejunior wrote:
I don't get it. Weren't timers already stopped for sleeping tabs?

sleeping tabs and their timers work, so no.

but when you use performance mode, it becomes unavailable.

Hello @HotCakeX
Are you using this?
If so, what is the difference in its use between active and inactive?
haven't run benchmarks for it yet.
The description is rather vague. We all want that performance by default, so why would we want to turn it off?

Disabling Sleep Tabs is a side effect of enabling this. You can disable Sleeping Tabs anyway.

I'm sure there are more things in Performance mode other than just disabling sleeping tabs which could already be done with a toggle.
Exactly, it would be nice to know what?


Please see the main post above, updated it with more details.

it's the opposite actually, performance mode decreases Edge's performance in order to save battery and energy, which also has its side effects.

well, I know I will be keeping it off.


also an important thing to note about it, I believe it's related to this:


both Microsoft Edge and Chrome experimenting with lowering base priority and applying power efficiency APIs to improve performance which is similar to what Task Manager is doing to identify “Eco” efficient apps.


Nice one thanks for the info and link. It does look like it can have overall benefits. The description needs work to be much clearer what it does though.
You're welcome, yup mostly useful for laptops and tablets running on battery. wish it was auto activated based on power settings of the OS too.