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In old Internet Explorer and also in Chrome, the Tab Groups (TG) features is a way to stack tabs together in a color-coded with manner with an optional title.


Edge Collections is a semi-tab-groups behavior, that lacks most of the TG functionality.


Here's how I'd like to see this integration happening:

  • When clicking or Ctrl+clicking a link on a page, add the opened tab to the same TG as the source, creating a new group if necessary
  • When pressing Ctrl+T, the new tab should be in the current TG
  • Allow saving a TG for later use (via Collections)
  • Allow pinning or closing of a TG as a Collection, so it gets collapsed for later
  • Enable "Open all tabs" in a Collection - and it should be opened as a TG
  • Allow closing TG with a single click
  • Collection and TG should be under the same definition and should be seamlessly managed together
  • All actions should be able to be performed from the tab context menu
  • Tab Groups should be available in Desktop and Mobile versions of Edge, like Chrome. This is a deal breaker to me, it's functionality I got used to, and when using Chrome on Mobile I can't share links via "send to device"
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@Shimmy Weitzhandler Thanks for the detailed feedback! We have some good news: you can now enable Tab Grouping within Microsoft Edge. Paste the flag edge://flags/#tab-groups into your browser, ensure that Tab Grouping is listed as "enabled," then restart Microsoft Edge.


For the Collections-specific feedback, you can submit that through the in-browser feedback (Shift+Alt+I), so that we can direct it to the right team.


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