Integrate Autofill in Android OS

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It would be great to integrate autofill in Android OS like Google and other 3rd parties do. Not just in the browser, but in the OS so it would be possible to autofill data synced with Microsoft acount in every app.






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This is a great Idea.
This would be great

Yes it's a great thing, i had this thought crossing my mind a few days ago.
all auto fill data such as emails/passwords etc be available to any programs and apps that require sign in. for example Microsoft Edge saves my Twitter login data and when I install Twitter app from Microsoft Store, it would auto fill my login data instead of giving me blank boxes to fill. to make this secure, before auto fill Windows can ask for our Pin/Password.

Great suggestion @ECELeader!  I will let our services team in on this.


Any news on that? I think this would be a crucial feature for Edge to compete with Chrome. For example, I use my google account to sync all my passwords on my browser BUT ALSO on my Android devices.
It would be great. In fact, it is the only reason I'm not migrating to edge.

I would like to migrate, but I dont want to lose this function chrome has

@Elliot Kirk @MissyQ @Deleted any update on this? This is something I really want in the Edge mobile app. I don't want to go with other services, and allowing Edge for this ensures a smooth Autofill experience across all of our devices, be it PC or mobile!

@Elliot Kirk 

After 1 year of this discussion we still have no news about the progress of this feature. Is it going to be implemented? Even Firefox implements it with Firefox Lockwise. It is the only reason I am sticking with Firefox and not migrating to Edge.