Installed PWAs should be able to overlay in Edge using PiP


PWA PiP function MOCKUP.png


I have heard a lot of people request for the addition of a PiP (Picture in Picture) feature to be added. So far people have only talked about this being used to 'pop out' video so they can be watched while doing something else. Taking inspiration from Opera and Edge which now both allow websites to be installed as apps or PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) this could also utilise PiP allowing for instances of an application to run over a website. Above is a rather crude image I made imagining it however I am sure properly executed it would be a "killer feature" for New Edge. 

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@Cameron_Bush, thanks for the suggestion. I am the dev lead for PWAs, so I really appreciate you taking the time to submit suggestions like this. We are working through our plans and have some high priority functionality to work through, but as we get more details, I'll make sure to include this as something desired by the community.