Install Both Edge Stable and Canary

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I'm wondering if it's possible to have a working install of both Edge Stable and Edge Canary on the same computer?

I would like to test Canary but I would like to have Stable as a fall back in case Canary is borked.

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Yes, totally possible, in fact many people do that.
each Edge channel installs in separate directory and causes no issues for the others. you can also uninstall each one of them without causing problem for others.


Also, in the next Windows 10 update due to come October 2020, the new Edge browser replaces the old Edge (EdgeHTML), so it is essential to be able to install multiple channels of Edge (Beta/Dev/Canary) alongside the preinstalled, built-in, Edge stable.



the same goes for other browsers such as Firefox, you can install Firefox stable/beta/dev/nightly all on the same computer without any issues, because each of them are a standalone software.

I have all 3 versions installed. Release Edge, Edge Dev and Edge Canary. I can test each independently from the other. And with the latest issues in Canary, having the others is an assest.

@HotCakeX Thank you for your response.


I wanted to double-check before installing.


Of course, it's working with no problem.

You're welcome,
I have all 4 channels and all works fine... Dennis5mile

Sadly the one feature I wanted is not working, Vertical Tabs. Appears to have disappeared for a few people with version 644.

Hope they're working on improving it