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How I can disable the install "apps" option on certain sites (icon which appears in the address bar) ?





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which channel are you on?





Canary channel ;)

There was a flag in older versions but i can't find it anymore on canary so it appears that it's removed and you can't do anything about that prompt, i think it's possible to disable it using group policy though



Ok thanks, I can't find in group policy for this option



Well it's just a feature that is part of the modern browsers, when you cancel it, it won't ask you again



Even if I "cancel" it, the icon/option always comes back

Do you see this problem only in Outlook website?



For now, yes 

Try deleting "site permissions" and "hosted app data" from here edge://settings/clearBrowserData
also find and delete all cookies belonging to "live" or "outlook"
then try again



Tested with a new installation, it's the same

Also in Chrome now, probably a new feature from (linked to or Chromium)

Try Firefox

@tistou thanks for the feedback. We are working on that user experience. 


I would like to ask why you want it not to show up for you. Is it just annoying, or do you click it by accident some times, or ??? 


Currently it shows up when the web developer for that site wants it to: they have implemented a service worker, written a manifest file, and hosted their site on https:// .


So far we have been focused on making sure it shows up when webdevs want it to, we have not focused on hiding it when users don't want to see it.







Indeed, at the beginning I clicked on it by accident
But it's true that I like having the choice to hide or not what I don't use


But there are other little "bugs/suggestions" that I reported more important than this one :smile: