Insights to Improve "Vertical Tabs"

Copper Contributor

It is undeniable that “vertical tab” feature was a hit since day 1, however, it becomes a little inconvenient when you have many tabs opened at the same time. These are some ideas to help this awesome feature to be nicer.


  • In my opinion, would be nice that it shows the Tab visible in top menu (like in horizontal tab approach) but only for the focused/current tab. 



  • Add a close tab button (X) and an option (context menu) for the current tab at the top. This is a nice-to-have functionality, because we have to move across the whole screen until  the left side and  look for the tab. It's annoying .


  • Add a menu option to duplicate that tab on top too. This way we can duplicated the current tab easily and has it aside of original one (just 2 tabs maximum at top), while the rest of  our tabs remains in the vertical tab pane.


  • Custom Layout. Allow to place the Vertical Tab pane to either left or right side of the screen. 


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