Input type="color" is as bad as it gets.

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Can't seem to turn this browser color picker off (disabled) and use the Windows 10 (1981?) color picker. I went to flags "Web Platform Controls updated UI", it did nothing to turn off this mickey mouse Chromium color picker.


What a color picker needs is:

1. Most important. Some buttons !!! like 'Cancel' and 'OK'. You drag the the swatch and the color value changes. However, the change event is fires on lost Focus and you get the color you may not even want. Hence a 'Cancel' button and/or 'OK' button to set the value).

2. What year is the WIndows 10 system color dialog? I can get it in Chrome by turning the flag "Web Platform Controls updated UI" to disabled. However, not in Edge.

3. a Color eyedropper, which it has, Thank Gawd.

4. Finally, in all the flag setting, why not state the default value?





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I don't often use the color picker/eye dropper but what you mentioned in #4 i totally agree with, been saying the same thing for more than a year.
it makes so much sense but still when I ask developers, they say more people need to request it to have higher priority, and by that they are referring to either submitting feedback through browser feedback button or probably this form

@HotCakeX  I not referring to a color eye-dropper picker like in DEV tools or Powertoys. I'm talking about using the browser's built-in COLOR PALETTE selector when using the HTML5 "<input type='color' />" (similar to jQuery Plugins but worst). e.g. make 2 DIVs with no background color.  Select one and open the html5 INPUT color palette. It only has a 'Change' and 'Input' event and no buttons.
1. Using Canvas or whatever, select and add a color from the palette to the first DIV. Use a little code the change the css background to the palettes selected color value.
2. Now select the the second div and add the same color.

You can't, the same color value has not 'Changed' NOR or it's 'INPUT' value.

Same goes for the Window's Gawd awful looking (year 19??) color palette dialogue.