InPrivate window crashes on Dev channel

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After entering a url the instance of Edge crashes. After restarting Edge the "Recover tabs" button does not work.

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@lhgdevops, I just tried this scenario on my Developer channel browser, and am unable to reproduce the crash.  Can you please open a new tab, and enter edge://crashes into the address bar?  This will show you all of the crashes that Microsoft Edge has seen, and whether or not the crash data was uploaded.  You should also try closing all Microsoft Edge windows and seeing if that helps.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk, I have checked the edge://crashes and it shows zero (0). It looks like I described the situation incorrectly. Just clicking on the InPrivate menu item causes the crash. There is no chance view the window. 

I was just updated to and all functionality has been restored. InPrivate functions and restore brings back all the tabs.

Love the weekly updates. :)