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A few details on InPrivate mode: (I want to clamp down on what Google and other sites see.)


I see that when I exit InPrviate mode, Edge Insider (Beta) deletes this stuff, all fine and good:


Annotation 2019-10-29 181623.png

And, I'd like to know:

1) How is this different from setting Edge Insider (beta) to delete all this stuff when I close Edge?

2) More importantly, between the time I open a page In InPrivate mode (say a Google page, and do not sign in to Google), and when I exit that page, what happens? Is any data shared in any way to the web (eg Google)?

3) in bothersome that the Internet Service Provide might be able to see it, but that's outside my question now, unless someone says that I can not avoid this by using a VPN.


Thanks in advance.


Loving Edge Insider. I just want to understand


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Hi @Captain_Eric,


1. there is no difference. as you can see, both methods are able to delete the same set of information.


Annotation 2019-10-30 110657.png



2. InPrivate mode has its limitations, some of it is shown in your own screenshot, some other are like:

software that is installed on your computer can also circumvent the privacy protections of going InPrivate. Parental monitoring software is generally unaffected by InPrivate mode in Edge insider.


Yes, everything is shared normally with Google or any other websites for that matter. InPrivate mode only provides a local privacy.

so to control what you share with 3rd party websites such as Google, you need to use other tools such as Tracking Prevention (built in Edge insider browser) or 3rd party extensions such as ublock Origin 


3. Yes, to hide your activity from your ISP, you need to use VPN/Proxy/TOR etc.


you can use TOR with Microsoft Edge insider using this extension.


You can also use an extension for VPN so you won't have to tunnel your whole computer over the VPN network.


Thanks. Most helpful.