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Hey friends!

I enjoy this new version of Edge, it is quite great, but I think I'm missing out on something, or you guys have forgotten a big thing: Inking on the Web! I remember those Microsoft ads which are like "I can draw on the web!" So where is this feature in the beta version? Because Windows is getting so tablet orientated I think this feature should be out there, or at least easy to find. 


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@PolarBear12342 @Elliot Kirk 

As per our recent conversation(s), please, DO take note of this person's note in the same context.

Yes, 'PB', this is seemingly missing which, is not cool or acceptable.  As you have gathered, the subject has, already, been raised; including that it MUST be in Edge, any Edge.  And MANY in addition to yourself are voicing the same.

I'm adding something I said a while ago.  Edge/We must have Add notes AND Share together!  They go together, work together, Add notes gives one things to Share, BTW!


that's definitely a must-have feature.
here you can see they are planning to add inking to PDF in october

hopefully inking for normal web pages will be added as well at a later time :)

I agree @PolarBear12342. I use this feature a lot, not just for personal projects, but mostly for work. The web clipping has been my go to screen grabber since it is very convenient, then I can just write the notes I want or draw the edits that need to be done.


Allegedly, Add notes (Inking) Add notes.jpg IS coming.


Hi @PolarBear12342, thank you for your feedback.  We have received quite a bit of feedback on the need for marking up web pages, but less than for inking for PDFs. Inking for PDFs has consistently been one of our top asked for changes, and is currently available in all Insider channels.  We are investigating the ability to mark up web pages, and it has just bubbled up to become one of our top pieces of feedback.  Hopefully, we will be able to share our thinking soon.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk 

Elliot, it is not a matter of having to ask for things.  It is a matter of keeping Edge features & abilities, period.  It'll will not gain users if,  certain features like Add notes Add notes.jpg are omitted!   Will only make people mad & go elsewhere if Edge features are missing!  You know yourself how many people we see/have seen mentioning Set aside, Add notes and a proper Share which, belongs on the toolbar, btw!
Edge items.jpg

The Team needs to stop dropping the ball before mid-January!  They are doing heaps of good things, but, leaving out star Edge features & tools is not OK.


That's great news, thanks!

for me both PDF and Webpage Inking are equally important. I know other people personally who share the same thoughts.

@HotCakeX  @Elliot Kirk The inking for PDF was a huge help for me this year. I recently bought a house and used Edge to fill out and sign over half of the documents required. My realtor got curious about it so I showed it to him.

I just tried this feature a few minutes ago and the inking feels smoother so far. A different pen color option will be nice.

@HotCakeX I just installed the extension. Thanks!

That's good to hear ^^
you're welcome :)

@eph_allan @Elliot_Kirk @josh_bodner 

"A different pen color option will be nice."

That sort of thing & more will come.  Started off very basic & minimal, but, that will change & evolve.  Unfortunately, Edge features & utilities cannot simply be moved to or carried over to Edge C.  Have to (find ways to) make things work in Edge C.  Things people like, use, want & take for granted as being part of Edge & what makes it so cool... can't merely be put in Chromium, have MAKE it work there.  Best find a way because, people are not going to like being without what they like in Edge.  Make good use of the next 2 months.

Oh, and put the Share icon where it is supposed to be, right beside Add notes; as soon as Add notes is not missing anymore, that is, of course.

People may have to accept delays & wait for things.  They won't accept not, ever having the things.


The way I see it it's gonna take few months until those features are introduced in Canary channel then Dev, Beta and finally Stable channel.

@PolarBear12342  Me too, I love this feature very much and use it every day in the old Edge. And this is a top advantage of Microsoft Edge!