Inconsistent new tab page icon in Edge Dev and Canary

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The new tab page icon when in normal browsing and InPrivate browsing are different. Normal one is old icon while InPrivate is new icon. 


Here's a screenshot from Edge Canary version 89.0.721.0



Here's a screenshot from Edge Dev 88.0.705.9




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@Limyx826 I reported that a few weeks ago, and was wondering why the two are different favicons.
@Limyx826 It's still not fixed, hopefully, it will get fixed this Tuesday EST...

Now I am incredibility confused about the new tab icon, apparently the default offline version of new tab has the new icon but the regular version of new tab have the old icon. Even clearing cookies and cache the regular new tab still has the old icon. 


Offline version new tab page: 


Regular version of new tab page: 



This is fixed now in Edge Version 89.0.773.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

the new icon appears everywhere: (new tab page online/offline, inPrivate mode, Guest mode, another profile, application guard window)