In vertical tab, the area after the separator can't be drag and drop anymore

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In vertical tab, the area after the separator which includes new tab button can't be drag and drop anymore. I have no idea why that is disabled in both dev and canary as they are very useful for productivity. Not to mention that in horizontal tab, the function still there. I had made some feedback about this for a while now but haven't seen any change to canary yet. 

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This is the area I meant. 


And this is the function I meant. 


As you can see in the screenshot above you can't drag and drop in the latest version of Dev and Canary. Please @Eric_E tell this to the dev team, because this is a loss in functionality and productivity. 



I agree. This is a very useful function. Dragging and dropping a link in this free-space is very efficient when one has many items to open in new tabs. Since I updated EDGE last week, I cannot drag into this free-space.




Since I updated EDGE last week, now I have to drag into the tight space between open tabs. This is very inefficient and time consuming compared to dropping in the free-space.





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Please vote on this thread to support it. We need this feature.
This function has been restored. Thank you for this, Microsoft.