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In private browsing does not show up on the pinned Dev Edge on the task bar, but when you open a normal page then right click that from the task bar it shows a choice to choose IPB.

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@Deleted Here is the other screen shot.

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It's fixed (doesn't exist) on the Canary build so that means all you have to do is wait for the Dev channel's turn to come and receive the patches. the only difference between Dev and Canary is that it receives new features and bug fixes with a delay. other than that the Canary is as stable as the Dev.

@HotCakeX  Thanks i will wait with bated breath lol

Hi @Deleted, this looks like it is working again onthe latest update of the Developer channel.  Can you please check that you are running Version  To check you browser version, click the More menu (...) and then hover over Help and Feedback, and then select About Microsoft Edge.  This should install the latest version if you are not already on it.  Please let me know how it goes. Thanks - Elliot

Hi @Elliot Kirk  I am on the latest Dev build, but the pinned as described in my earlier post, does not show in private browsing but, when opened and right click the open one on the task bar it shows it.

I will unpin it and re pin it to see if that helps, will let you know.

Many Thanks.

@Elliot Kirk Ok i fixed it by unpinning and repining. So if any one else has that problem, try unpinning the repining.

Many Thanks.

@Elliot Kirk Ok so it's back to not having open ipb with pinned Edge Dev, but if i open a page i can right click it in task bar and it displays ipb. I am on the latest build Version (Official build) dev (64-bit).   ipb = In Private Browsing.

This issue persists in the final release (Version 79.0.309.71 (Official build) (64-bit)).  I installed it on Multiple Windows 10 1909 systems and still have the issue.  Unpinning and re-pinning doesn't help.