Improvement to Passwords

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Looking again at password managers and edge passwords are almost there.


It would be good to have a task bar icon which allows you into a list of your passwords for those pages that refuse to be recognised rather than go through settings blah de blah.


Also having a note field attached to each password would allow information required to access some sites to be stored with the password and popped up when logging into the site.  This could be a unique word,  additional PIN etc.   Many sites need this and that makes this password manager not work for many people.


Great to see Authenticator now gets around the issue with not having a password input for apps on a phone though.  This made it so close for us...


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@Trevor Baxter 


Microsoft is moving forward - this is an invitation that has already been, but there will definitely be next.

Your Passwordless Future Starts Now - Login - Please login (

@A1 Honestly I'm currently not a believer in Passwordless login.  It is enabled here and it actually makes me login more times rather than less,  albeit on my phone rather than on my computer.   I have to do at least 3 authentications on my phone to access my computer!   Does not really feel password less yet...

@Trevor Baxter 

I have a question if you receive a notification from this Community, your browser logs you in automatically to MTC and you do not have to do anything?

Yes that does seem to work. Access to MS stuff is pretty seamless, outside of that though not so much.
And that's the problem – sites are often outdated and that's why it doesn't work!
Surely you are quite right.
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Yes, feels a bit of a mess at the moment but moving in the right direction. How we get to a single identity is still a long way off I suspect...