Improvement to notifications from PWAs/ installed apps

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I have installed a couple of sites & PWAs using Edge & I interact regularly using the notifications that those apps send. In that context, I have 2 pieces of Feedback to share regarding the same:


This is a notification from WhatsApp that I have installed as an app:



  1. Let the notifications from that app be shown by that app name only. In this case, let the app name be shown as "WhatsApp" in place of "Microsoft Edge Canary", the name by which I installed the app. This will make it similar to the likes of the way the old Edge displayed the notifications.
  2. Clicking on the notification opens it as a new tab in main browser window, instead of the app window. In this case, clicking the notification opened it in the new tab instead of the WhatsApp app window. The behavior should be changed to make the related content open in the app window. 

These 2 steps will make the sites installed to look & work more like the native apps. Please implement them. 



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Tbh these are great suggestions i also wish to see in Edge!
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Hi @Rohit Yadav, thanks for the suggestions! We are actually working on both of these currently. If you can imagine, even though you installed whatsapp, it's still running as an instance of msedge (if you look in task manager, for example, you'll see msedge running). It's a tricky situation and involves very complicated code. It's great to read feedback like this that lets us know we are on the right path.



@johnjansen Hello, thanks a lot for the reply!


I can perfectly get that it involves a lot of code involved, since all the Edge apps are the instances of Edge itself.

Thanks a lot for letting know that these are being worked upon. I really liked this feature in the old Edge, & to see it being implemented in the new Edge is treat! :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Your reply made my day, and it's only possible with such a brilliant team that takes into consideration each piece of feedback from the insiders.

You guys rock! :D