Improve the display speed of the pages visited, in the History button

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When I click on the History buttoLazieWouters_2-1605553636315.png there is a delay of up to 2 seconds or more on some occasions until the pages visited are displayed.

Please optimize the code, as I believe it is possible to be much faster than that, as in the blink of an eye.






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@Deleted Are you using Canary? I don't see the History button and even if I did, I've never seen the "Loading..." text.



I wrote "loading" just for fun


And yes I am using the Canary version, so maybe some features are A/B tests, that is, they are features made available only to a certain group of users.

@DeletedI have Canary too, but my icons all are round, like this: 



And what program did you use to write "Loading...?"

@Deleted Oh ok, I recommended being able to type on Web Captures in Microsoft Edge, and being able to blur parts of Web Captures.
Yeah it takes few seconds for history to populate there, not the final form so it should be improved
@HotCakeX Especially if you have tons of History and haven't cleared it in a while...
Maybe, sending feedback using browser button is useful, sends more data about how the feature works.
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Thanks for the feedback everyone! We're tracking a known issue where history loads slower than expected. We're working on it as fast as we can.

Glad to hear that, thanks!

@William DevereuxYou're welcome and happy to hear this! Please share with the team that it takes almost a minute to get that day's History if I scroll down.