improve first launch speed

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it seems we have enough time to get dinner at the moment, since it takes so much time. 

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That screenshot attached to your post doesn't say much about launch speed.

@HotCakeX yes a video is better, but i decided to write here only once it has finished to launch. at the end we see the edge icon with different animation during first launch, and then the information about importing etc.. (this mean when we never opened edge before). i think the animation phase can be improved a lot.

generally i don't see it, because i copy library files from other users. I still think a lot of mac user don't copy library files, so they see it, because they activate sync option to sync data.




In case of performance issue, it would be best to share feedback where it contains log files.

To do that, you may open Microsoft Edge and click on ...->Help and feedback->Send feedback 

@Reza_Ameri-Archived this should be the same for all mac, macos, or mac user (at the end i see it myself on multiple mac/mac user/macos too). because is the first launch, no setting are available at all. 


for example firefox show us firefox sync directly. you do like opera gx where first we see the logo (for x seconds). with opera i need to insert always password too, at least this doesn't happen with edge.

Personally with all version (stable, beta, dev, canary) it start with superspeed i thinks there is a culprit who slow down your computer (another services who need to be launched or so), but i have seen that edge canary do some experiments to improve the launch speed on slower computer (startup booster they call that) :

@Wittycat again, is not the launch speed but the first launch speed (see comment before). this makes a lot of difference. 


PS: edge and chrome don't have the same problem like safari, where i can confirm "more extension or app you have, then the start is simply slow" (maybe even 3+ minutes), no matter which mac, macos, or safari version. i can use 500 extensions or 1 extension, with chrome/edge the launch is always the same, or at least similar.

@edgesuggestions This is only first launch, not loading time.
you can record video using built in feedback tool in Edge.
there is an area called "recreate my problem" and lets you record your screen.


That is why I recommended you to share feedback, so Microsoft Edge team could look into the issue.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived LOL you @mentioned yourself so you give feedback :)


You are right, I just correct it :)