Importing Settings from Dev Channel Edge to Final Release

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I have downloaded Edge after its final release; I have been using the Dev Channel version since it was available. I have many settings and pages that I would like to import to the final release of Edge. Is there a way to do this? I cannot see one when I look.





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you don't need to manually import, just make sure you have all of the available sync options turned on in the settings on both stable and Dev channel: edge://settings/profiles/sync

your favorites, passwords, some of the Edge settings, address should automatically be available on Stable channel.

There is no profile sync for Domain accounts though...

True, unless you are using AAD with enterprise state roaming enabled, you can't use sync.
so you have to import your stuff manually.

Edge settings obviously won't be exportable but you can export favorites to HTML and then Import it in Edge stable right from here: edge://favorites/

for passwords there is only export option here: edge://settings/passwords
but you can use a 3rd party password manager such as Lastpass to have your passwords available on across all browsers and devices