Important observation regarding vertical tabs and suggestion for improvement

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Vertical tabs help facilitate quick navigation between multiple tabs, but one thing about them is a regular inconvenience. The fact that the vertical tabs display expands horizontally every time you mouse over it is a real issue, especially when you are looking to save maximum screen space and quickly shift between a few tabs.


Moreover, the mouse often goes over the vertical tab pane inadvertently, which brings up the whole horizontal display and covers the content on the left side of the screen. What is urgently needed is an option to pin the pane in a way that it sticks to the display with the icons only without the tab titles showing for those of us who don't want the pane to expand every time we mouse over or move the mouse over the tabs to switch between them.


Another alternative is to add an option that only makes the pane expand when we click on the current tab (not clicking on other tabs to switch to them) rather than every time we mouse over any part of the pane. I hope Microsoft implement a change to remove this inconvenience when using vertical tabs.

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Hello, i think you can resize vertical tabs, so when you over tabs they are less developed and hide less content !

@Tio_Dep Thanks! I never realised vertical tabs could be resized! I guess that pretty much solves the issue.