Import settings, bookmarks and extensions from Edge Dev to Edge Beta

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I have been using Edge Dev for a few months now, and now that more stable releases are out across most platforms, I'd like to start using them. However, when I download the Beta or full releases, and sign into my Microsoft account, none of my settings, bookmarks, history or extensions move across. Is there a way to import these from one version of Edge to others? 



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make sure you are using the same Microsoft account on both browsers and that your sync options are turned on in here: edge://settings/profiles/sync

you can manually import bookmarks/favorites from here: edge://favorites/
to a HTML file and import them to another Edge installation.

Extension syncing is currently only enabled in Edge Canary, only for some people part of the controlled feature rollout, so for now you have to install your extensions manually when you move between browsers.

History syncing will be enabled in Summer.

Some of the settings such as the new tab page settings will move over, but there are still so many settings that are not synced.