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I have the Canary EDGE installed on my Windows 10 Pro 1903.
I need resolution for these two problems:
- I can not activate the page translation in English to Portuguese.
- I can not import Chrome Passwords for EDGE Canary.
I ask for your help.
Thank you.
Daniel Dias.

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I wanted to let you know I got your support ticket, but wanted to post similar information here just in case you read this first.


If you can, please download Microsoft Edge Dev, install it and then go to the same page that wasn't translating before with Canary.
Then see if it translates with Dev.

Please go to the link below for translation info.


The Sync features for passwords is not fully functional yet with our preview channels of Edge but you can import passwords for now.


You can import your login information (or just passwords from Chrome to Microsoft Edge Dev/Canary if they are installed together on the same machine.

  • Make sure you have logged into your Chrome browser with all the saved information at least once. (Doesn't hurt to make sure Chrome is running during Import)
  • Click Settings and more ( three dots ) on the top right corner of the browser
    Then click Settings
  • Create a profile for Microsoft Edge Dev (if you haven't already).
  • Under Settings>Profiles> you can click Import browser data
  • You can then click Google Chrome and import the data you want to the profile you setup.
    With this setup you will have all your login information from Chrome to your Dev profile, but only for the machine you do these steps on.







Hello @Frank
With EDGE Dev, it does not work.
I uninstalled and installed EDGE Canary.
In EDGE Canary, I went to "edge: // flags" and activated "Enable language localization".
Fixed issue.
However, I have another problem: "import Chrome passwords".
With EDGE Canary, I went to "edge: // flags" and activated "Password import".
I followed yours instructions.
I opened Google Chrome Canary and tried to create a profile for Microsoft.
I put this same problem to another PC I have (Account:
After a few days, when I went to EDGE Canary to try again, it appeared in "edge: // settings / importData", the option to import from Google under my name. After a few days, this option disappeared. But the passwords were imported successfully.
It's not impossible.
I'm waiting.
Thank you.