Import password and favorites (Canary)

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Since some versions of Canary, it is no longer possible to import passwords and Favorites, there is a blank page (no problem with the Stable and Beta version)

And no problem for export



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I can't reproduce this in the latest Canary. Can you tell me in greater detail what steps you're performing to trigger this, and also what other browsers you have installed in case something unexpected there is what's causing this.
The problem of blank page is displayed after clicking edge://settings/passwords => Import password option
The Blank page is edge://settings/passwords

I don't use any other browser, just installed the Stable and Beta version to test

The support I contacted via the form managed to reproduce the problem

Thanks for your help
I have the exact same problem with Canary.
I went to install it and then when I went to import the favorites html file it acted like it magically had already detected on my PC that it had copied it over. It misses the step where you need to navigate via file explorer to manually select the favorites html file to import.

I also went to import passwords csv file too and it opened up another tab but the tab is blank and nothing happens.. I just tried now by installing Canary again (hoping it would be fixed in the latest version) and still the problem is there. I am using the stable build for now. Hope this helps with your debugging.
Okay, it looks like there are actually two problems here, and I didn't see them since I didn't know they were specific to the file import. The Settings team is now aware of both. Thanks for reporting!

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Seems to be good with the latest version of Canary ;)

@tistou I concur. All good with passwords and favourites.