Import from another profile?


Does anyone know if it's possible to import from another user profile in Edge Chromium? I.e. I want to import favorites from a profile I set up with a Microsoft account to a profile I set up with my AAD account...

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@garetho You can export and import favorites with every popular browser out there. Heres how to export in chromium edge:Recording7.gif

That is NOT what he is asking... read it again.... He is asking about different user profiles IN Edge from different MS accounts....... for which I do not have an answer, but I'm sure someone will.....




Correct, I'm looking for an easy way to import from one Edge profile to another (and not from another browser).

@Dennis5mile @garetho 

The method @cjc2112 suggested works the way you want @garetho 


there is no problem with it, have you even tried it yet to check?