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I really need to be able to import all my bookmarks on my Opera bookmarks bar into Edge. Of course, this feature might exist. But when I click import it just wants to import from Edge or Internet Explorer.


Is it possible to use the Google search engine instead of Bing. I have not found Bing to be very useful.








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We currently do not have support for Opera in the import scenarios. 

However, you can still import the bookmarks from Opera by going to the favorites view in Opera and selecting the option to Export the bookmarks as an HTML file.

Then in the new Edge, you can simple import this file by using

Settings > Profiles > Import browser data > In "Import From" field > Select "Favorites/Bookmarks HTML File"


About the search engine, the new Edge automatically detects the search engine and adds them to the list. Just goto once and search something there. Then if you goto settings, google should be available in the search settings. Hope that helps.


@rishavsharan Thank you. I found the search appear in settings when I was trying to set one up to I don't think it is very intuitive or easy to find.


@rishavsharan I use Opera too as my main browser. I know several Opera users who would be interested in switching to the new Edge, more than I know Chrome users interested in it. People who are not using Chrome, are a lot more open to changing their web browser. Therefore, you should consider providing import scenarios for less popular browsers, just because it will help with early adoption from early adopters. :)


@Ciprian Rusen 

Noted. I agree with your reasoning there. 

Right now Chrome and old Egde are our major focuses but we do want to add more browsers to the import story later on.

As I said, we are keeping an eye on the pulse of every major asks so do keep the suggestions coming. You guys influence our backlogs in a big way!


@rishavsharan I will wait too for Opera integration import