Implement to Web capture additional Capture Window option

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Web capture shows Capture area and Capture full page.


Edge has left Tab groups panel and right panels for Favorites and others. Web capture is a primitive tool at present. You cannot make screenshot of whole Edge window (very nasty omission).


New option Capture full window is the only solution to make Edge's screenshots more useful.

My example below shows (simulation) such imaginable reality with En-Pl dictionary in Edge right panel. The screenshots presents too, a PIP window with web camera stream from La Palma isle where volcano is active for several days.


BTW I'm very fond of renaming Apps to Apps Manager and giving it a right panel. The same area used by Favorites (and others). I'd like the apps have the ability to be opened in that panel too. I described it in another post:

Screenshot was made with external Bash script using xdotool and import (ImageMagick), but it should be done by Edge itself!


MS Edge Dev 95.0.1011.1-1
Debian Bullseye GNU/Linux 5.10.46-4, 1.20.11, IceWM 2.1.2
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650, Driver 460.91.03, systemd 247 (247.3-6)


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