Illegal instruction (core dumped)

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when I launch Microsoft Edge stable build I get this error ????




[josephsaber@fedora ~]$ microsoft-edge-stable 
Illegal instruction (core dumped)




 I tried to clear the configurations files and cache files and directories and this didn't solve the issue any clue how to fix it?

Microsoft Edge 112.0.1722.54

Fedora 38


Installing Microsoft edge dev enabled stable to work just fine.

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I have meet the same problem,and installed the dev version  sloved this problem


thank you

try unistall and install it again

Same here using v112.0.1722.58-1, using Edge-Dev. @JosephSaber1080 

Same here, Fedora 38 just installed it, installing edge dev makes it run but edge is still broken (most websites crash with SIGILL) i installed the flatpak from flathub and is working fine, so maybe i will use the flatpak version



Your recommended workaround is not working. I tested all channels (DEV/BETA/STABLE) of EDGE in separate newly installed FEDORA 38 virtual machines and none of them work, neither flatpaks nor RPMs.


Seems something related with the CHROME wrapper, BRAVE had similar errors reported coinciding with FEDORA 38 release.

I'm facing other issues with Edge and I'll post it in another post

Error code: SIGILL
Experiencing similar errors among both .rpm and flatpak installs.
Experiencing similar errors in .rpm installs. Not experiencing it in flatpak.
same here
Fedora 38:
2 phisical pc and 1 VM created for testing, all with the "Illegal instruction (core dumped)" error :(


I'm also having the same issue and I can't find a solution, I have the only option to fall back microsoft-edge-dev to `114.0.1793.0-1`. I'm using `OpenSuse leap 14.5`

Same here on Fedora 38. Edge Stable can't run. But, dev version is working.
I have meet the same problem with stable on Fedora 38 : microsoft-edge-stable-112.0.1722.64-1.x86_64
Now I'm experiencing SIGILL in flatpak install.



Seems like Microsoft EDGE DEV/STABLE via RPM/FLATPAK is running smoothly for basic browsing (haven't tested any advanced usage). I don't know at this point if it was resolved with the latest FEDORA package updates or from Microsoft Edge updates.


As a comment, I noticed a performance degradation, I don't know if it's some wrong configuration since I didn't restore my settings or if it's due to some other situation but it took a long time to load YouTube and struggled to playback a 4K video with a lot of frames dropped compared to Brave/ Opera (all tests made using embeded graphics with acceleration enabled monitored with intel_gpu_top).