If we do Testing on Edge, do we need to do it on Chrome as well


We have an outlook Addin that we are testing on the Outlook Desktop App on Windows and MacOS.

In addition to that we also test the Addin functionality on Edge (outlook web access) and Chrome (outlook web access). The testing involves opening outlook web access, opening an existing or new meeting/email, launching the outlook addin and then testing the functionality of the addin.

This testing is done for monthly releases we have.


The question I have is that since Edge using Chromium base functionality, do we need to test on Chrome if we are already testing on Edge.

Is there any guidance provided around this scenario?

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@ms237 If you wish to ensure compatibility between a variety of browsers, such as Edge and Chrome, you should test the feature on each browser individually. This is because while Edge, as you've correctly stated, is built on Chromium, it isn't Chrome. They're two different things. Put simply, the absolute core of the browsers is the same, but they are wildly different in most other things. 


TLDR: Yes, test on each browser for the most accurate results.