if i click show bookmarks, i want to see the bookmarks panel

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so avoid to show me https://imgur.com/a/WOMmhm3

which is so annyoing and we cannot do anything with that. i always need to write edge://favorites/ or edge://bookmarks/

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Thanks for the feedback. Could you please elaborate on what you mean when you say you cannot do anything with it? Is the menu not working or missing a feature?

@William Devereux 

you add this second bookmarks menu, which is pretty identical to the main bookmarks bar. ok if you use it as lateral bar, but otherwise there is no goal to use 2x the same feature. 


such menu has problems too https://imgur.com/a/PVOCMvD


create, delete, duplicate, move items is very difficult or impossible, so managing bookmarks is not really great. plus every browser show us the original bookmark panel if we click on it, only edge show us this new bookmark menu. it's ok if you want to add this menu (even if i don't use it at all). but make a separate option for that. don't use the original menubar option to activate it.