IEMode in Canary 84.0.508.0 broken?

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I just installed the latest Canary version 84.0.508.0 and when I started Edge was surprised to see that IEMode appears to be .. broken? Or is that "normal" for Canary? It is my first time trying out the Canary branch...


Our intranet page still has tons of file:// links all over the place so I configured Edge to use IEMode for it, which worked perfectly fine in all versions until Canary 84.0.508.0.


Now when I access that intranet page the intranet page is not started in IEMode inside Edge but is opened in an extra Internet Explorer window. And Edge ist showing a bar at the top reading "Microsoft Edge needs to set up Internet Explorer mode" and then a UAC button called "Set up IE mode". Pressing that pops up the expected UAC window and when I confirm that ... nothing seems to happen.


Everything works fine in Stable 81.0.416.72, Beta 83.0.478.28 and even in Dev 84.0.502.0 ... just Canary 84.0.508.0 seems to be affected.

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There is note:

This article applies to Microsoft Edge StableBeta and Dev Channels, version 77 or later.


So canary doesn't supports IE mode.


Huh, interesting from a development standpoint. Wonder why they do it like that and patch IEMode into it only for those 3 channels and not all 4.


Thanks for the info.