[i18n] Edge bug: transform-origin does not work as expected for RTL divs

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Hi Edge folks,


I hope this is the right place to leave a bug report. If it is not, please direct me to the right place.


IE Edge has inconsistent behavior compared to Chrome/Firefox when transforms are applied to divs with css direction: rtl.


Here is a minimal example: https://codepen.io/sibneriangoog/pen/QWNKwpy


In Chrome, the interior div is displayed in the top right corner.




In Edge, the transform is applied from the opposite side and it is displayed with an offset.


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Hi there, you are welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insider Community Hub!

Thanks for reporting the issue here. I would recommend you to send feedback about this bug through the in-app feedback tool in Microsoft Edge (Alt+Shift+I) with the diagnostics attached in order to help the Microsoft Edge dev team to resolve your issue as soon as possible.



Just tried to submit feedback. Unfortunately, I can't do so since I'm on a machine with enterprise provisioning that prevents sharing any diagnostic details or other tracking information.


If you'd kindly help me by submitting a feedback on my behalf with the original details provided (including a minimal reproduction for the issue!), I would appreciate it. If that's not possible, I can try to escalate the diagnostics data permissions with my IT department, but I'm not optimistic about that.


I can do it but I am new to Web Developing so I am not understanding your issue, Sorry.


Tagging @Deleted, our community manager and @johnjansen, Engineer working on Microsoft Edge who I think can help you :smile:


FWIW, I can't reproduce this using your pen, which means I get something resembling your Chrome image, not your Edge one. But then, I don't really know what I'm looking for.


Since you can't submit feedback, you should be able open a ticket here: Submit a request – Microsoft Edge Insider Support

@TheShaunSaw thanks for tagging me. @sibnerian I believe you are talking about the old Edge browser, not the new one, is that correct?



@johnjansen there's a decent chance this is the "old" edge browser (before Chromium edge). That'd explain why it's not reproducible for Noel, but I can consistently repro.


Here's the version number:

Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0

Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18362



@sibnerian yes, that's the old Edge browser. I'll make sure this is logged there, but to set expectations: we are not planning on doing bug fixes in the old Edge engine. 



@johnjansen reasonable, I'll make sure our workaround is applied only to pre-Chromium Edge. Glad it's WAI in the latest version.