I want to send a file along with my feedback and i can't

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I usually use this page here to submit feedback but it has been few days that It no longer lets me to do that. the box for select and upload files only appears for 1 milisecond and after that disappears. I only see subject, email address, description boxes, the place where i could upload a file disappears quickly upon page load or page refresh. now I don't know how else to send my files for feedbacks.

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Hi @stockholm , Welcome to the forum!


Nice catch!

I've just tried that website you mentioned,

and you're right, it appears and then disappears in a flash. both Edge, and Google chrome have the same problem. might be also in the website's design problem.

@Elliot Kirk  


I could record that issue on a video with 120 frames per second,

in the first 1 or 2 seconds of this video I managed to catch that upload box



as for a solution, you can upload files along with your feedback from the built-in feedback tool in the Edge insider browser.


click on the smiley button at the top right of the browser











There you can select your files and send them with your feedback, it also automatically sends diagnostics about your browser. hope that helps :)


Thank you very much! I was afraid the site was acting up only for me.
never bothered before clicking on diagnostic data. Thanks again
You're welcome! ^^

Hi @stockholm -

After you submit a Support Request on the site you highlight [ ], a way you could add a file to that request is to respond to the confirmation email (that acknowledges that your support request has been received). You would attach your file to the email response.