I vote up Bing translator extension for new Edge

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I have been encouraged by fast and effective help here (for different issue). So i decided to voice my need in good "official" translator extension for new Edge. 


I replaced old Edge today (I use Edge since it was released years ago - I dislike Chrome very much). And found that there is no Microsoft Translator anymore. I wouldnt risk installing 3d party extensions on my machine..


So here is what I think:


1. I am british expat in Europe for quite a few years but I dont speak local language (dont ask! :)) and i also shop online in different countries with different languages. So I basically rely on automatic translation every day. It might seem not very common scenario but I expect is less uncommon than you think. So it would be very useful if there was a Microsoft Translator extension as it was in old Edge (the button next to favourites). I hope it gets released soon

2. the translator needs usability improved. the old Edge translator was a little bit rough on the edges (pun intended!). its a different conversation but i just want to signal to the dev team that it was an important feature and if they can make it a little more ergonomic and usable that would be greatly appreciated by people like me.

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@Maxima . 

Edge has built in translation





you can configure it from here: edge://settings/languages




thats a kerfuffle ! :) when i installed new Edge - it said somewhere - this needs your attention. I clicked the link and it was a page saying something like - Edge Translator is not available. But you can install an extension from Microsoft store. I looked there and they seemed all 3d parties.. And also there wasnt the familiar button on the right of the address bar...

But you are right! The translator is there and it works!

@Maxima . 

you're welcome, nice :smile:


if you add more languages, you can check this box to let Edge know you still want to translate pages in that language. this screenshot is from Edge canary that I'm using but it shouldn't be so different in Edge stable





@HotCakeX & @Maxima . 


Thank you both for your input on this most relevant topic to us Expats living in sunny Thailand.


I/we have been having a very hard time / problem with built in translator using all three version of Edge  stable, beta, dev for Windows 7 (myself), so my so called back-up is Google Translate which has always been the translator that I have used for a long time with I.E. 11, and still to date. 


Qus. When will Microsoft provide a proper and good Thai language translator for New Edge? as Microsoft version is also in Thai language, by the way.







in the list of languages, Thai is available :smile:



could you tell me more about the issue you're having?



@HotCakeX Thank you.


I have this already placed.



Without a screen shot so the you could try it as well.


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MS Translate in Microsoft Edge is up to date.Version 82.0.446.0 (Official build) dev (32-bit (Windows 7)

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That to us all is a major translation Error.


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well yeah I gotta admit, Google translate is better than Bing translate, which is what Edge is using :)

@HotCakeX I use both and on quite a few occasions Bing does better than Google. On the total I'd prefer google but its not clear cut case..


For example Google translator started to translate Czech prices to something absolutely mind blowing (like "Average for a year" instead of 1000 Kc - Kc is Czech currency). Its been for 5 months now. I tried to write to Google support with zero response.


See the pics (just made from a random Czech website for illustration). I mean "3590 Kc = Average for a 20-year-old man with a night to go" - how?? Was someone on acid to make this up?


These translators all have problems, they are far from perfect, still the best translator is the person who knows the languages and studied them :)

@HotCakeX how do you translate a number into an absolutely random 9 words phrase? Besides - it was working for years until around Oct 2019.. Its a hack pure and simple. And nobody cares..

I've seen some funny stuff happen in Google translate. you know it's not entirely maintained by Google. I mean people can vote translations and if enough people vote for a troll or fake translation then that translation will take priority and will be shown by default to everyone.
an example is when you type "Donald Trump" in Google translate and the translation would show you a long sentence saying bad things about him lol.
I'm not sure if that exactly happened, I just remember things like that happened in the past.

@HotCakeX yes that what i meant by "hack". but it has to be moderated.. 5 months is long enough.


anyway. if you happen to come across google/microsoft translator support direct contact details - please let me know

Sure, by the way give Yandex Translate a shot too
it's decent. Yandex reverse Image search for example works better than Google and Bing's.

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Translate in Google Bing
Did you try the Yandex translate too?

@HotCakeX Yes, that was the translation using Yandex below your post. 





Oh well i guess now it's obvious who is the winner here
Google: Covid-19 :smile:
Yandex: Chrome-19 :sad:
Bing/Edge: David-19  :suprised:



@HotCakeX Yes, spot on clap2.gif


Thank you very much @HotCakeX wai.gif



You're welcome x)