I think the extension icons are too far apart, wasting space in the address bar

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@Deleted I agree. I know it makes it consistent with the other button sizes, but it is just too big. At the very least a setting to make it compact would be nice. Maybe a setting to make all of the buttons a little thinner would be awesome.



I think the size is good and doesn't need to change. google chrome is too compact and everything is so small but Microsoft Edge has bigger UI and it's good for touch screens too.
It's Not too big, just the right size.
also you don't have to keep all of the extensions visible, you can drag them to the right side menu and put them there.


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I have to agree with Hot CakeX. If it's too compact/small it starts to look jumbled and cramped together, and if you're like me that uses a large mouse arrow icon it can cover over two extension icons at once. The icons on Google Chrome are too small and cramped close and need more space apart. Edge in my opinion sort this out by giving more space distance and larger size to the extension icons. 

@Deleted I like your idea, maybe they can also add an option to be able to manually set and adjust the spacing of icons in the toolbar so each person can change the spacing according to their preference. 


@The_Noah wrote:

... At the very least a setting to make it compact would be nice. 

Agreed. This feature could be similar to the Office 365 Touch/Mouse mode toggle.

This is an area I'll have to disagree with. I like the spacing of the icons on Edge. It keeps the browser from looking messy, compact, and is if everything is trying to be cramped or jammed in like Google's browsers. Especially if you're like me and have set your mouse arrow icon to be a larger size. In which case the mouse icon doesn't hover over three icons at once. My picture show's the comparison. Yellow bar is Edge Canary while blue bar is Chromium (the icon spacing in Chromium is also the same in Chrome). Edge looks more organized and not as if the browser is trying to cramp everything together. 





I believe that the best would be if MS would allow custom setup for each user because as I see, most of us appeared to either agree or disagree, both of which could be resolved by MS letting each of us to make our own setup for icons. For example, I prefer to have a large number of icons in my toolbar, so that I can access whatever of them whenever I want. Therefore, I have deleted any descriptions of icons in order for them not to be wide. Also, this is why I would like them to be as narrow as possible. And finally, I would like that the icons can be changed to alternate icons. 

I have posted the suggestion in Feedback Hub. Here is the link to it: https://aka.ms/AAacnw8


Please upvote my suggestion so that it gets implemented.

this is Only reason I dont use Edge :grinning_face_with_sweat: