I need real fullscreen with Distraction Free Mode

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chromium edge with fullscreen problem when scale page ctrl+= - Microsoft Community Hub


from 2020 I have post the problem, my operation in broswer is chrome core to install vimium plug


so ,  by this extensions, I could focus on page enter fullscreen mode , I use all the keyword like vim to switch , zoom in, search , so I need real Distraction Free Mode, but I like the chrome have not strange action when in fullscreen mode to enlarge page by press ctrl++ , but Edge I have verytime will show toolbar when I press ctrl+= to zoom in the page in fullscreen mode and lost my focus.


this is so strange action for me to experience , and I could resolve it by edge://flags/#edge-enable-shy-ui,

but now the latest edge have disable this option 

and now I have no choice to get the real Distraction Free Mode, this is very not good for me like vimium.


I need some option let user to focus current page ,to do everything , or I will drop EDGE to use chrome,




and this is chrome good action


 chrome will never show toolbar in fullscreen mode 


I hate Edge lack this feature.



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