I'm in for the new Bing AI, but I can't use it from

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I don't know why but they say "I'm in" in the new program for testing the new AI but I don't have the CHAT button with the icon on every search as other users the're in the program and also they say "join in the waitlist"... but... I'm in! I really want to use it. So.. I can't use it directly as other users they're accepted as well as me.

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The next pictures are from content creators with the same e-mail that say's "you're in" they can access to the new "CHAT" but I can't from the website of, I can only access through the new edge-dev on the side of the screen and really small


Captura de pantalla_20230226_151247.png

Captura de pantalla_20230226_151323.png



And the next screen capture is from me:

This is what I can only access



I would love to be part in the website as other content creators or people in the program

Also I would like to say, that I tried it with No extensions or disabled and it's the same result

After passing the internal test, I can use the AI chat dialog box in the sidebar. Later, I don't know why it disappeared( +AI&showconv=1) can't be opened @GabrielElinger 

This is my AI chat box. I used to have it, but now I don't know why it's gone




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My problem was solved, now I can use the full experience with the new Bing Thanks so much !!!
Can you explain how did you solve the problem? i just got an email said im in, i downloaded windows 11 latest update with bing biulted it, and still nothing, there is no bing at all and even in edgedev browser there is no chat button inside
same. i tried acer laptop and macbook but neither of them could chat.