I like EDGE and use it since alpha ,but this PERFORMANCE BUG make me can't drop CHROME full

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This long thread will take your some time to read.


A long-term BUG or design problem regarding the integration of EDGE and WINDOWS Explorer (EXPLORER.EXE) ALT+TAB view.

This bug is very unbearable for me, and nearly 30 years of programming experience generally makes me try to solve the problem myself, but in the end, there is nothing I can do, and I decided to write my findings here.

1. This property integrates some tabs of EDGE with windows explorer in ALT+TAB to provide faster task switching
2. I turned off this function in the settings, and the corresponding registry key value is: 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\MultiTaskingAltTabFilter' = 3

Problem Description:

1. In daily life, I am used to keeping 600-700 TABs in EDGE. With the latest version of the tab sleep function, EDGE works well, but EXPLORER will start to crash as my TAB increases.

2. After observation, it is known that in this case, EXPLORER's GDI OBJECT and HANDER will grow abnormally, so as to break the default limit of 10000, and then crash. After the crash, HANDER will increase slowly, and this behavior will continue to loop

my thoughts:
1. In my programmer's thinking mode for many years, when you turn off this function, EDGE should not share the content of TAB with EXPLORER, occupying system resources for no reason, but should cut off the information of this API. He only needs to tell EXPLORER How many windows you have, the title content of each WINDOW is enough.

2. Before the EDGE browser added ALT+TAB to switch tabs, I even reached 1000 tabs. The system runs smoothly without any experience problems, and the EXPLORER will not crash. My intuition tells me that this function is the cause

3.The registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\MultiTaskingAltTabFilter' = 3 just hides these TABs, but in fact these TAB views still occupy full system resources (handle resources in EXPLORER), This kind of deception can't really solve the performance problem of the system. The real shutdown of this problem should be made by the EDGE development team and the WINDOWS development team to make some kind of switch/registry/group policy, so that EXPLORER completely ignores the details of the EDGE tab content in certain cases .


I made a crashdump and some picture to help your find the problem all of @Edgedev.

Wish you can fix this problem ASAP , thank you !


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I found a edge flag before :
can turn this feature off but the flag is removed .