I just want to tell you that i suggested other 50-100 improvements to Edge Devs in the last time

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I don't share such things here, because there are a lot of personal information that i don't want to share with the public, maybe soon i will make a summary of the most important points, if you wish that. Or just wait, until Edge implement it. Then you will see it xD


Example of topics: bookmarks, search bar, toolbar, settings, edge in small size, using edge with low resolution display setting, smart search, other smart buttons (i already talked about some previously), better tab management, better domain based features, etc.


I submitted different problems that i discovered too.


So be ready to see another boost for edge. For different suggestions devs are already on working. Good day


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I don't know what the point of this thread is because the way it works is that, for any feature to be implemented or things to change, there should be many different people asking for it or sending feedback about it.
I've done more than that in the past year, it's not guaranteed at all.

@edgesuggestions i also like @HotCakeX done a lot of feedback and i hare received like 3 email where the dev was actively checking my feedback or my feedback have helped them to solve a bug.

So create a post to say hey i have done that isn't useful at all.

worst i will loose time of dev who read this forum and maybe even hide a true bug (due to his time lost).

The better you can do is add you email to your feedback and if they want something more they can email you.


And stop :raised_hand: to add hundred of tag every of your post it's very annoying to read your post because of them.