I do like all the privacy features built into Edge.

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 I have a suggestion: If I turn on "Do Not Track" (which we all know most websites ignore) Edge could automatically pre-fill all the "We value your privacy" dialogs they pop-up before I can even read the page. Since most of them use OneTrust, it should be simple enough to "Reject all". How hard can it be?

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Yes, my point is this shouldn't be an extension, it should be standard behaviour. The DNT flag is pretty well universally ignored. I see the W3C are now promoting Global Privacy Control https://globalprivacycontrol.github.io/gpc-spec/
I did some wiresharking, couldnt find a site that responded when asked for the GPC json.
Put simply: what is it about "Do not track" / "Do not sell my data" that is so hard to understand?
Well idk, EU has weird laws sometimes, they might not be happy with it, they are the ones that started all this after all. cookies, deleting data etc.
Its the EU and the Californian government who are pushing this though, despite fierce opposition from the ad companies. Apparently when Microsoft introduced "Do not track" in IE and defaulted to "On", there were howls of protest from Doubleclick et al. Their argument was it should be the users explicit decision to turn it on. Like "We value your privacy: click here to accept all cookies" or spend 10 minutes rejecting all, one by one.
Surely, if my browser sends DNT / Sec-GPC there is no need to even display "we value your privacy". Frankly is great that browsers are so fast these days, but EVERY interaction with a web site now, I see "Wvyp" requiring another 10 odd clicks and 30 seconds - its a war of attrition, people are "accepting all" just to clear that B***dy dialog - just like the UAC dialog in Vista.

I'm sure if my ex-colleagues see this they'll be amused. I spent 6 years as a dev manager at a company making ad booking software :)

I use ublock origin with all filters on, free, open-source, lowest CPU usage possible, it doesn't show me any garbage that website developers add to their websites. one of them is this cookie confirmation thing, i usually don't get it on websites ublock origin is being applied on, the experience is not probably 100% for all websites but that's just what I've experienced.
so if you haven't already, give it a try, it's very popular actually and available for all popular browsers. and the good thing is, unlike other companies like adblock plus, they don't take money from advertisers to let their ads come through.