I can't change my local news


I live in Mexico and the local news that I see are from USA. How can I change that and why my default news are from another country?

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I take it you are talking about the New tab page and hit Personalize.  I'm in Canada and it's the same, US or World News.

The answer & explanation is that Edge C is in beta & in the process of being built.  The work is being done by a U.S. company.  Ergo, whilst it is undergoing 'lab work', it is done in what is native to its location or base of operations.  Universality will come, be added, by release of the fully-baked, non-beta version.  I say "by" because, will like see some or all added in the latter stages of the beta Builds.  People in Europe are in the same boat.

We go through the same with the language part in the OS.  Granted it stinks that people all over the world can test things, even, though those same things may not be 'global' whilst in the test/construction phase.  But, it would be silly, counter-productive & dumb money not to take a step-by-step layered approach to technologies like this.  Expanded locations & languages should be seen in due course.  They usually, are not there at the onset, but, added later.  I, suggest it makes more sense than having all that while, trying to organize the base or foundation.

It is not a bug.





Now added the ability to change the location and languages for news content on the new tab page in Version 81.0.387.0

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