Huge memory consumption and lagging in Canary version

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@Deleted I have started to feel the browser lag significantly compared to previous versions. Version 83 was best in performance. The browser used to take just 150MB ram on startup and now it takes 30MB ram on startup. I am running Windows May 2020 update and canary version.


The main performance lag occurs when I open a new tab - here it should not take more than 1% CPU and not disk usage and the current browser lags for a sec and then start showing the typed text in the Omnibox.


Compared with previous version the performance has significantly deteriorated. Edge legacy was the best in memory management. Even chrome canary uses less ram now than edge canary. See the difference in the image below. Edge legacy has 2 have pdf's open and still consumes only 60MB.

Edge canary consumes 453MB of ram with just 'new conversation' page on EdgeInsiderDiscussions. Chrome has same page opened but consumes only 212.8MB ram. 


Kindly improve upon ram management. You have full OS support. Your browser should not take more than 60~70 MB of ram on startup. I am feeling to switch back to chrome canary.



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@sauravyad500 Thanks for reporting that! I showed this to one of our devs, and a couple of things stuck out for them:

  1. CPU parameters can be a bit subjective depending on the device and environment, but we see lagging as a serious performance indicator. RAM typically isn't tied directly to lags, but they could be correlated in some instances. Are you experiencing lags in any other scenarios, especially typing? And are you still seeing this behavior on the newest version of Canary and/or in the Dev channel?
  2. It's also interesting that RAM usage for the same pages would differ between MS Edge and other Chromium-based browsers. Have you noticed if this happens on particular websites or under certain conditions, like if one browser has unique extensions enabled?
  3. Our Performance team would love to dig into this more, so if you haven't yet, can you please submit feedback through the browser?


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