How to turn off spilt windows option in Edge 111.0.1661.27

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Hi, is there an option to disable this, they say it is spilt windows, allow to view 2 tab side by side, but currently dont need it, and too much change in the hubs over there, turn off and on would be a better alternative.

I tried finding policies that fit but no use, any other suggestions? 

Thanks for reading φ(* ̄0 ̄)


P/s: If i am using a tab and turn off spilt windows, it will close that tab without me knowing


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Are you asking how to remove that option from the toolbar? if yes then, right click on it and click on 'Hide from toolbar'.

If you are talking about giving us an option to unsplit windows that had been merged with the split option and then it's something I too made a post about, I hope we get an option like that.

And I too mentioned about the tabs closing without warning us, as when they are closed without warning us even when we have an unsaved pdf in it, our unsaved work is lost, like our highlight or pen work on a pdf in split screen etc. whereas a pdf opened in normal tab always warns us to save our work when we close it

i didnt see your post, but i managed to hide it tks to you
i just assumed that this new "spilt windows" wont be easily disabled like the discovery button
yep the closing without warning is troublesome to say the least, i lost all my lecture notes thanks to them too 

I know this has been answered already, but to disable the split screen option you can disable the flag