How to resume password collection

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I think I clicked "Never" for a password, how do I resume collection?

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Hello @Bill Goodbody   


I believe this is what your looking for..... follow the pictures....

Go to settings save passwords .jpg


Then go to profile and then passwords 2.jpg


And then here I believe is the setting you want.......  Offer to save passwords 3.jpg


Hope this helps...




1st I did as you said, but the items was already checked, I since removed those in the NEVER list at the bottom. I also had to enter the PW in a site that had one, then it was remembered

Good, Glad your problem is now fixed even if my suggestion was not the fix......

Thanks for jumping on this Dennis! - Elliot

Hi @Bill Goodbody, I am glad to hear that you are unblocked by this. If you don't mind my asking, what had you tried before asking for help? We are always looking to make our user interface more intuitive.

Thanks - Elliot

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