How to Open Password Protected PDF without Password?

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I have been given a password-protected PDF file, but unfortunately, I don't know the password to access it. I am looking for a solution to open PDF without password. I have tried multiple methods such as using online PDF unlocking tools, resetting the password through Adobe Acrobat, and even downloading third-party software, but none of them worked.

Therefore, I am seeking advice and recommendations from the community on how to open password protection PDF without password. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ugh, that's such a pain when that happens! Been there, done that. First off, if someone gave it to you, can you just ask them for the password? That'd be the easiest route.

But if that's not an option:


1. Double-check with Online Tools: There are a few online tools that can unlock password-protected PDFs. It sounds like you've tried a few, but maybe there's one out there that you haven't stumbled upon yet. Just be careful about which ones you use and avoid uploading sensitive documents, as there's always a privacy risk.


2. Third-Party Software: I know you mentioned trying some, but there's a handful out there, so maybe you haven't tried the right one yet? Some software I've heard people have success with (but haven't used personally) include iSeePassword Dr.PDF, PDFCrack, etc. Again, be careful about downloading and using third-party software; always ensure it's from a reputable source.


3. Using Google Drive: This is a little trick I read about. Sometimes, if you upload the PDF to your Google Drive and then try to view it, Drive will render a preview. From there, you can make a copy or download it. It doesn't always work, but hey, worth a shot?


4. Screenshot and OCR: If you can at least view the PDF (some password protections only prevent editing or printing), you can take screenshots page by page and then use an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool to convert the screenshots back into editable text. It's a bit roundabout, but in a pinch, it can work.


Hope one of these suggestions helps you out! But again, the most straightforward solution would be reaching out to the person who gave it to you (if possible) and asking for the password or an unlocked version. Good luck!