How to open doc file in associated application from Edge in kiosk mode without downloading

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I want to describe my case. Currently in my environment we have IE in lockdown mode where we blocked a lot of settings for users. One of options was file downloading. So when user is clicking on some attachment in web browser , automatically that file is opened in associated application, without any download prompt. Now we are trying to do that same with Edge. To do that we are using kiosk mode.  Unfortunately  when I'm trying to open file in kiosk mode every time Edge is asking me where i want to save that file. After download I can open that file in associated application.  But the problem is with that downloading , because regular user don't have privileges to save file on machine. When I started Edge normally without kiosk mode everything is working as expected, without any downloading.  Do You have any idea how to solved that problem? Are there any domain policy's or settings which can help in this case?

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