How to make Edge Dev as the default browser in Microsoft 10?

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Hi everyone!

Is it possible to make Microsoft Edge Dev my default browser? Every time I try to change it through Windows 10 "default app" settings, the settings window keeps crashing and nothing changes. Any idea how to solve it?
Thank you!

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Hi @Majid666 

Interesting question , but such a setting for Edge Dev. does not seem possible in the stable version of Windows, but I will wait for other opinions :)

Hi, You should be able to make it your default browser under the Edge settings page under Default Browser. Jeff

I tried but the problem is that when I click on the "Make default" button in the Edge Dev browser settings (pic 1) it then redirects me to the same "default app" settings window (pic 2) where I need to add it manually - at which point the settings window will crash as soon as I try to add a new browser.




Sorry about that, I am running Windows 11 not Windows 10. In Windows 11 it works directly from the browser and does not go through Windows settings.




For Windows 11 - it is also impossible to do, but maybe I was wrong?

I'm sorry, Jeff, but it doesn't work that way in Windows 10 Pro.