How to incorporate my work email onto my phone

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When I look at the Microsoft Launcher one of the things it want’s to do is have me put my work account in the Launcher. I do want to incorporate my work email and calendar into my phone, but am not sure if I should do it in Outlook for Android or if I should use Microsoft Launcher instead. I don’t know what incorporating it into Launcher gets me, if anything beyond just adding my email to Outlook.


So, should I only do this in Outlook for Android, or is putting it into Microsoft Launcher the correct place?

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Both of them have their unique advantages.

Signing in to launcher gives you access to your work documents, Calender, Tasks, Sticky Notes as well as any policies if set by your organization. But you cannot create new mails or Calender entries from there.

Having account on Outlook ensures a rich Mail and Calender experience with ability to see Files, contacts and more.

I usually sign in to both places to ensure the best experience together from both apps.

@Rohit Yadav I've decided to go with incorporating my work email through Outlook on Android. In my work environment I think it makes the most sense. The others would be great, but I doubt they would work. Our email isn't handled by us, but rather through an external agency. They are, for whatever reason, stuck on Microsoft Exchange 2013. To give the G-rated description, you know what would have to freeze over first, before they even contemplate upgrading to a newer version of Exchange.


I doubt that Exchange 2013 is up to delivering those other options you describe. For now, just being able to use email through Outlook is, I believe, the best I can hope for.

@Rod Falanga I am not sure of the specifics, if using Exchange 2013 will degrade any performance or features. I would suggest that you sign into them and see for yourself. Btw that agency should perform the upgrade.