How to hide/remove the "Trending now" on new tab page's search?

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The new tab page with "Office 365" content is great, thank you for that. But, is there a way to remove the "Trending now" -list which is shown when a user clicks the "Search companyname and the web"?


Meaning this one:



The list contains news (I suppose?) which are not in anyway related to to the country where I live in (Finland). Nor it is material that I would like to see on the new tab page of my browser. I don't want to remove the search bar, just the "Trending now".


I tried to search for a flag which would hide the content but didn't find anything.

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I'm using personal MSA and i'm not from Finland but I'm also getting the same trending items on my NTP.
using Edge canary Version 81.0.401.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)